Kirjoittaja Aihe: Viktor Orbanin puhe Homman etusivulle  (Luettu 1381 kertaa)


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Viktor Orbanin puhe Homman etusivulle
« : 26.07.2016, 17:29:28 »
Yhden aikautemme viisaimmista eurooppalaisista valtiomiehistä pitämä puhe Unkarin parlamentissa löytyy juutuubista englanninkielisin tekstein.

(suomennuksellekin olisi varmasti kysyntää)

Puheen soisi löytyvän Homman etusivulta.

Itse poimisin lukuisten viisaiden sanojen joukosta ainakin (-> 7:22)
"for all in constitutional process is the security of the community which comes before everything else"
"the fundamental law puts it clearly and concisely: Hungary shall protect its citizens"
"article G, second paragraph. This means that  according to basic law it is our duty to protect citizens of Hungary."
"today this task has two levels: partly inside our borders - because there we have to perform our duty prescribed by the constitution"
"but there is another state too. Since we belong to EU - moreover we belong to inner club of Schengen - its obvious that
the lack of security of EU citizens will sooner or later bring troubles for Hungarians, too"
"the Hungarian government in power must act to best of its abilities to avert the dangers not only within territory of the country, but
it must make efforts as well to determine the state of affairs in Europe, where the dangers to Hungarians come from"

+ paljon lisää jota en nyt jaksa kopioida