Roger Scruton - Forgiveness and Irony (City Journal 2009)


Roger Scruton - Forgiveness and Irony (City Journal vol. 19, 2009)


"If repudiation of its past and its identity is all that Western civilization can offer, it cannot survive: it will give way to whatever future civilization can offer hope and consolation to the young and fulfill their deep-rooted human need for social membership. Citizenship, as I have described it, does not fulfill that need: and that is why so many Muslims reject it, seeking instead that consoling “brotherhood” (ikhwan) that has so often been the goal of Islamic revivals. But citizenship is an achievement that we cannot forgo if the modern world is to survive: we have built our prosperity on it, our peace and our stability, and—even if it does not provide happiness—it defines us. We cannot renounce it without ceasing to be.

What is needed is not to reject citizenship as the foundation of social order but to provide it with a heart. And in seeking that heart, we should turn away from the apologetic multiculturalism that has had such a ruinous effect on Western self-confidence and return to the gifts that we have received from our Judeo-Christian tradition."

Ei ole mitenkään yllättävää, että kirjoittaja on pohjois-amerikkalainen filosofian professori. Eurooppalaiset kollegansa saisivat tällaisesta näppylöitä.

Lukemisen arvoinen.

Eikö Roger Scruton ole kuitenkin englantilainen?

Why I became conservative on tiukkaa tekstiä. Samoin monet muutkin hänen juttunsa.


--- Lainaus käyttäjältä: IDA - 03.02.2009, 01:31:17 ---Eikö Roger Scruton ole kuitenkin englantilainen?
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Ah, katsoin vain hänen oppituolinsa. Mutta pointti sama.


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