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This thread is for news from Finland in English.

It can also be used by our international visitors for introducing themselves or asking questions about Finland.

Markus Mannonen:
Tundra Tabloids is blogging from Finland at english. Writing from happenings in the Middle East, Islamist extremism and Islamist hegemony in Scandinavia, and on the political correctness that allows them to flourish..


NEWS 2009:

Check out also: *Europe News* FINLAND

AUG 14 Professor: Position Of Foreign Berry Pickers Unconstitutional
AUG 14 Finland Considers Accepting Guantanamo Detainees
AUG 13 Cuts Planned In Development Cooperation Funding
AUG 08 Hägglund: Finland Enmeshed in Afghanistan
AUG 04 Finnish Peacekeepers Facing Graver Risks in Afghanistan
JUL 31 Support for Finnish Operations in Afghanistan Strong Despite Attacks
JUL 29 MIGRATION: Abandoned Between Two States
JUL 28 Homes Built for Bosnian Refugees Remain Vacant
JUL 27 More New Citizens
JUL 24 Police Investigate Organised Crime Roots in Prostitution Robberies
JUL 22 Many Immigrants Trapped in Language Courses
JUL 20 Violence in Immigrant Families a Tough Nut to Crack
JUL 18 Police Crack Down on Aggressive Panhandlers
JUL 16 Interpreters Need Fluency in Red Tape
JUL 13 Immigrant Parents Send Teens Away for De-Westernization
JUL 07 Home Break-Ins Increase
JUL 06 Immigrant Mothers Face Special Language Problems
JUL 03 Egyptian Grandmother Faces Deportation
JUL 03 Suicide Bomber Targets Finnish Peacekeepers in Afghanistan
JUL 01 Authorities Unalarmed by Reception Centre Violence
JUN 26 Personal Understanding Key in Immigrant Healthcare
JUN 26 Refugee Quotas Attracting More Skilled Candidates
JUN 24 Fresh Altercations at Pudasjärvi Reception Centre
MAY 29 Finland Sees First Immigration Lawyers
MAY 28 Muslims Often Face Discrimination in Finland
MAY 22 Immigrant Employees Rarely Consult Shop Stewards
MAY 20 Asylum Queue Twice as Long as Last Year
MAY 17 Many Thai Women Living Underground
MAY 06 Finnish-Funded Prison Turns Brothel
MAY 03 Finland Collects Human Rights Court Judgments
APR 28 More than 220,000 Unemployed
APR 27 True Finns' Halla-Aho says not to stand in Euro-election
APR 27 Thors Urges Re-Think on Iraqi Asylum Seekers
APR 27 Kajaani Terminating Agreement on Refugee Resettlement
APR 24 Finland Sending Minelayer To Somali Waters?
APR 23 Fundamentalists, Immigrants Spur Higher Birth Rate
APR 23 Organised Human Smuggling across Russian Border?
APR 23 Finland eager to hire nurses from eastern Europe
APR 21 Ombudsman Wants Guaranteed Wages for Foreign Berry Pickers
APR 20 Finland Joins EU Walkout at UN Racism Forum
APR 19 FARC Computer Reveals Finnish Ties
APR 19 "Finnish" Somali Pirate Makes Waves
APR 14 Thinktank says Finland needs 10,000 immigrants a year
APR 14 Foreigners Earning Less than Finns
APR 12 Somali should settle difference through dialogue
APR 08 Fear of Discrimination Prevents Roma Day Festivities
MAR 27 Update: Finnish state prosecutor charges Halla-aho with hate crimes
MAR 18 Poll Shows Tougher Attitudes toward Immigration
MAR     Column: Immigration Issue Becoming Political Touchstone

Blog posts at Gates of Vienna:

Jussi Halla-aho writes about gun policy in Finland.
Jussi Halla-aho: Inter Arma

Jussi Halla-aho writes about islam and rapes in an article that was reported to the Police by the Green Women's Organization. The title of the original article was "Monikulttuurisuus ja nainen" (Multiculturalism and woman)
Muzzled in Finland - Part 5

Here's a brief look at the history of Finnish anti-establishment parties. How the True Finns party became what they are now. Published at Tundra Tabloids:

A brief history of Finnish anti-establishment parties

Here's a brief analysis of the reasons why Finland avoided getting mired into multiculturalism and failed immigration policy in the way Sweden did. The article also tries to explain the common features of Finlandization and Dhimmitude. Published at Tundra Tabloids

Finlandization and Dhimmitude


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