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Tänään lauantaina Oodi-kirjaston Maijansalissa kello 11.00 alkaen:

Sananvapausseminaari - Mick Hume, Tynkkynen, Räsänen, Puopolo

--- Lainaus ---Suomalaisuuden Liitto järjestää kaikille avoimen yleisötilaisuuden sananvapaudesta Helsingin keskustakirjasto Oodissa (Maijansali) lauantaina 6.11.2021 klo 11.00 alkaen. Tilaisuuden striimaa Youtube-kanavalleen kansanedustaja Sebastian Tynkkynen.

OHJELMA – 6.11.2021:
11.00 – 11.10  Tilaisuuden avaus: Suomalaisuuden Liiton puheenjohtaja, emeritusprofessori Ilmari Rostila
11.10 – 11.30  toimittaja Maria Asunta: Toimittaja, itsesensuuri ja vapaa sana
11.30 – 11.50  lakimies Onni Rostila: Vihapuhelait, somesensuuri ja cancel-kulttuuri – Sananvapauden moninaiset uhat ja niiden lainsäädännöllinen kehys
11.50 – 12.10  toimittaja Ivan Puopolo: Sanavapaus ja demokratia
12.10 – 12.30  eduskuntatutkimuksen keskuksen johtaja dosentti Markku Jokisipilä: Poliittinen sananvapaus
12.30 Yleisökysymykset ja keskustelu


14.15  Mick Hume: The Woke War on Free Speech


noin 15.15 – 16.15  Paneelikeskustelu: Onko suomalaisilla sananvapautta?
Keskustelijoina kansanedustajat Päivi Räsänen (kd.) ja Sebastian Tynkkynen (ps.)
Keskustelun juontaa Suomalaisuuden Liiton varapuheenjohtaja Susanna Koski.

--- Lainaus päättyy ---

Vähän taustaa tästä Mick Humesta:

Mick Hume

--- Lainaus ---Mick Hume (born 1959) is a British journalist and author whose writing focuses on issues of free speech and freedom of the press.

Hume was a columnist for The Times for 10 years from 1999, and was described as "Britain's only libertarian Marxist newspaper columnist". He has more recently[when?] written for The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times.
Mick Hume's book, There Is No Such Thing As a Free Press – and we need one more than ever was published in October 2012 in response to the Leveson Inquiry and the debate about press regulation in the UK. Daniel Finkelstein of The Times described it as "a masterclass in the writing of polemic".

--- Lainaus päättyy ---

Pari hänen kirjaansa:

There is No Such Thing as a Free Press: And we need one more than ever (Societas)

--- Lainaus ---However, this book argues that there is not too much media freedom in Britain today, but too little. There are not too few controls and restrictions on what can legitimately be published and broadcast, but too many - both formal and informal. Some newspapers in Britain and elsewhere might be going 'free' in financial terms, under pressure from declining sales and the new online media. But in almost every way that matters, the press is less free - thanks both to external constraints and the internal corrosion of the foundations of good journalism. This book aims to shake up the one-way 'debate' about the freedom of the media. It will argue that the media's standing has been undermined both from without and within, and put the case for standing up both to the censors and to the conformists in all their guises.
--- Lainaus päättyy ---

Amazon.com: Trigger Warning: Is the Fear of Being Offensive Killing Free Speech?

--- Lainaus ---In this blistering polemic, veteran journalist Mick Hume presents an uncompromising defence of freedom of expression, which he argues is threatened in the West, not by jackbooted censorship but by a creeping culture of conformism and You-Can’t-Say-That.

The cold-blooded murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists in January 2015 brought a deadly focus to the issue of free speech. Leaders of the free-thinking world united in condemning the killings, proclaiming ‘Je suis Charlie’. But it wasn’t long before many commentators were arguing that the massacre showed the need to apply limits to free speech and to restrict the right to be offensive.

It has become fashionable not only to declare yourself offended by what somebody else says, but to use the ‘offence card’ to demand that they be prevented from saying it. Social media websites such as Twitter have become the scene of ‘twitch hunts’ where online mobs hunt down trolls and other heretics who express the ‘wrong’ opinion. And Trigger Warnings and other measures to ‘protect’ sensitive students from potentially offensive material have spread from American universities across the Atlantic and the internet.

Hume argues that without freedom of expression, our other liberties would not be possible. Against the background of the historic fight for free speech, Trigger Warning identifies the new threats facing it today and spells out how unfettered freedom of expression, despite the pain and the problems it entails, remains the most important liberty of all.

--- Lainaus päättyy ---

PS, huomaa myös osa 2 samasta sananvapausseminaarista:

Sananvapausseminaari - osa 2

Vielä ehtisi... Islam ja nainen Ylen G Labissa.

Sunnuntaina 6.2. Hakaniemen torilla Helsingissä on ilmeisesti Sebastian Tynkkynen tavattavissa:


Ja tekstimuodossa ajankohta on siis:


--- Lainaus ---Täältä löydät kaikki vahvistetut ja suunnitteilla oleva kiertuepaikkakunnat:

Su 6.2. klo 14:00-15:00, Hakaniemen tori

--- Lainaus päättyy ---

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