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Theodore Dalrymple: Reader, She Married Him—Alas (ja muita)

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Dalrymplen essee "British Degeneracy on Parade".

The ferocious criminality exhibited by an uncomfortably large section of the English population during the current riots has not surprised me in the least. I have been writing about it, in its slightly less acute manifestations, for the past 20 years. To have spotted it required no great perspicacity on my part; rather, it took a peculiar cowardly blindness, one regularly displayed by the British intelligentsia and political class, not to see it and not to realize its significance. There is nothing that an intellectual less likes to change than his mind, or a politician his policy.


Anteeksi lyhyt postaus, mutta oli pakko jakaa tämä... Theodore Dalrymple Daily Mailissa:

--- Lainaus ---British intellectuals, as George Orwell once remarked, have long harboured a hatred of their own country and its culture. This attitude has deeply infiltrated the political class and has therefore come to affect legislation. All cultures are equal except ours, which is the worst.

The first thing to notice about this attitude is that it is insincere. Those who adopt it are not genuine admirers of other cultures, for genuinely to admire other cultures it is  necessary seriously to study them. To know another culture is not just a matter of slipping down once in a while to a  restaurant that serves its  cuisine.
--- Lainaus päättyy ---

Kuulostaako etäisesti tutulta? ;D



--- Lainaus ---So when members of our political class express their adherence to multiculturalism they are not expressing their love of other cultures, they are expressing hatred of their own and it is this which explains the discrepancy in the way a Christian who derides Islam can now expect to be treated by comparison with a Muslim who derides Christianity. The hatred of that section of the political class for their own country’s culture, traditions and past is insincere in another sense also.

By expressing that hatred they imagine themselves to be exhibiting their own moral superiority for all the world and especially the intelligentsia, to see. Their hatred is actually moral exhibitionism. We all know the kind of odious patriot who believes everything in his own country is best merely because it is his own and who therefore despises every thing about all other countries, from their language to their cooking to their way of dress.

Our political class is a mirror image of this kind of person but preens itself on being morally superior to him.
--- Lainaus päättyy ---


--- Lainaus ---In investigating multiculturalism over a period of two years, I have rarely met a multiculturalist ideologue who bothered to learn anything beyond a few heartwarming clichés about another culture, or who even evinced much curiosity about people other than his own.
--- Lainaus päättyy ---

Richard Bernstein: Dictatorship of Virtue : How the Battle Over Multiculturalism Is Reshaping Our Schools, Our Country, Our Lives, s. 213


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