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Lainaus käyttäjältä: Guardian
Madrid court rules far-right anti-migrant poster is legitimate

Political rivals and human rights campaigners criticise use of inflammatory campaign material by Vox party

Human rights groups and politicians in Spain have spoken out after a court ruled that a controversial and false election poster for the far-right Vox party should not be withdrawn because it is legitimate political expression, and because the unaccompanied foreign minors it depicts in a relentlessly negative light are “an obvious social and political problem”.

The poster, which Vox used as part of its campaign in May’s bitterly contested Madrid regional election, was put up in a busy rail station in the capital and shows a hooded and masked dark-skinned youth alongside a white Spanish grandmother. It incorrectly suggests that refugee and migrant children in state care receive 10 times more in benefits each month than the average Spanish grandmother does in pension payments.

[...] The court, however, rejected the appeal on the grounds that the poster was an election slogan. The ruling, seen by El País, added: “Independently of whether the figures provided are true or not, [foreign migrants] represent an obvious social and political problem, with consequences and effects on our international relations, as is well-known.”

[...] They went on: “The sharing of certain ideas shouldn’t be seen as criminal unless their final aim is to threaten, injure or disdain. While it may be critical, it is legitimate as long as it is expressed in a manner that does not lead to the aforementioned illegal ends.”
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